Rehabilitation/Traction (Chiropractic Biophysics)

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

So now let us take a look at how we can help the spine regain its natural shape….

Here at Advanced Chiropractic Clinic we offer a program known as rehabilitation or traction. This program is NOT offered by all Chiropractors. To the best of our knowledge no another Chiropractor in Crawley or surrounding areas Horley, Horsham and even further afield offer this service.

Rehabilitation of the spinal curves involves using traction equipment to stretch the ligaments and align the vertebra. The traction devices are chosen after a detailed study of the patient’s current X-rays. Traction is only offered once a patient has had regular chiropractic to loosen joints and help eliminate pain, as traction would not be as successful and maybe painful without the loosening procedure first.

This is one of our tractions……

It is not as uncomfortable as it looks and we have had some good results.

Here is just one of our traction success stories…

A 32 year old patient presented herself to the Advanced Chiropractic Clinic back in February 2009 with a burning sensation between her shoulders and stiffness of the neck. These symptoms started following a car accident in 2005.

The first x-ray shows a reverse curve in her neck, typical of whiplash type injury. This patient had a total of 24 treatments, 16 of these involved traction. In the 1st x-ray the head is 22mm forward of where it should be (normal is less than 10mm forward).

The 2nd x-ray was taken after the 24 treatments. Look at the difference!

Her head is just 15mm forward.

The ideal curve of the neck is 32 degrees. You can see the neck has changed from -17 degrees to 30 degrees, which is near optimum. The results she felt? The patient’s symptoms decreased significantly.

So after suffering for 4 years it took just 24 treatments to get the results that you can visibly see here!

Another form of neck traction is shown in the picture below:-

Here the strap that is placed under the patient’s neck gently moves up and down to stretch the ligaments and help get the neck back to its ideal shape.

If you would like to know more please do not hesitate to contact us

Look forward to seeing you soon ……

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